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Blogging Challenge #5


Blogging Challenge #5

A Secret hidden in the Forest

They say there is a secret hidden in this forest, but what secret? Unicorns? Fairies? Witches  No, none of those things. Spirits. Not magical spirits. Spirits of the animals in the past that had once lived and belonged there. They say you can only see them if you enter at a certain time at day & night. They do not harm you, if they see you, they can feel and tell what your mood is. If you are angry, disrupting or disturbing they will disappear. You can feel when they are around. You get a sudden calm & happy feeling. The spirits need to stay in their home. You can’t hurt their home. When you leave the forest, you leave happy and believe in spirits & know things are not always what they seem. 

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“Blogging Challenge #5”

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