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Should More be Done to Protect Endangered Animals & Species?


Challenge #2

You’re in a city, walking around town like any other day,and you don’t come across a single person. Have they all died? From all the world has come to and now this? Where have they gone? Friends, family, just disappearing? Is the quote ‘If I was the last person in the world” Funny anymore? This is called extinction.┬áThousands of species are threatened. Animals you would never know are endangered, along with thousands more. Animals like the polar bear, tigers, birds of all kinds, pandas, monkeys, elephants, and even butterflies are dealing with losing of their own kind. These things are important and shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Many endangered animals are dying because they can’t deal without having their habitats like forests that provide food and shelter. Why does this happen, is there a reason? These things are happening because industries and businesses cut down the forest for making resources and wood for building, but they are taking away their natural habitats. Also littering, and oil spills in the ocean, global warming,taking animals out of their habitats for zoos or to make them pets also cause extinction. This is killing the animals and is not acceptable. Animals have a right to be here just as much as we do.

When an animal dies, it ruins our ecosystem. How? Let’s say bees became extinct, nothing would collect the pollen. It would get over produced, making it bad for the air and make people sick. Along with tigers, if tigers were gone, they wouldn’t be hunting antelope and other animals no longer, which they would end up over populating. The world needs animals for reasons like this.

People disagree with animals becoming extinct because they think animals go extinct for a reason, but fortunately that’s not the case at all. They’re dying because we are killing them. That just shows you, if we don’t take action now, they might not be here one day. They have a right to be here. More should be done to protect them. If it seems so easy to take their life then it should be easy to save it.


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“Should More be Done to Protect Endangered Animals & Species?”

  1. April 30th, 2013 at 5:09 pm      Reply Emmanuel Abereoje Says:

    I am Emmanuel Abereoje a yer 10 student , I am currently working on my ict dida level 2 project. So I am writing this letter to ask for permission to use the picture above .

  2. May 6th, 2013 at 5:23 am      Reply Angela Says:

    This is a good post about endangered animals. However, I tend to believe that it is not so much that we are killing them, than it is that we are leaving them no space to live.

    I once read a WWF ad that said “to save species, you have to save forests.” That’s the best way we can help animals of the world today. To stop the greed for land is the greatest action we can take.

  3. May 7th, 2013 at 9:28 am      Reply Alfie O'Brien Says:

    Hello my name is Alfie O’Brien and I am currently working on the ict dida project and I am wondering whether it is possible that I can use the picture above for my work.

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