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History Project


In class we had to do a history project, either by oursleves, with a partner or a group. This is a way of self directed learning. In my group was Emilee, Alex, Zach and me. We made a video of the various groups of western Canada in late nineteenth century. We did a video on how the Metis and First nations people lived and worked everyday. We filmed a hunting reenactment, as well as the sun dance and cloth making. We demonstrated a way of learning by making a video.


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The bully movie was made for kids and adults to understand bullying in different ways, and perspectives. When our class went to see the movie we knew what was going to happen while we watched it, we had a few tears, and changed some of our thoughts on bullying. The movie taught me that it has become worse and worse with society. But we blame society, and we are society. Phones, internet, texting,emailing is all new in the last ten years.Being Physical is another way of hurting other people, getting punched, slapped,choked is being physical. You’re a loser! Stop being so stupid, is verbal bullying, commonly known for shutting people down, make them have bad thoughts about themselves. I honestly don’t know why bullies bully. When I say something rude to someone, I don’t feel good. They say they bully to make them feel good about themselves, but I don’t think that’s the real reason. So many kids in the world are bullied, and we need to stop this. Make a change. Next time you see someone being bullied, be a friend stand up. Not just kids need to take a stand, but parents and teachers need to take a stand. We blame society for reasons like these, but we are society. So in order for us to stop bullying we need to change ourselves first.

                                                                                                       – jade

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The Bully movie has taught me that a lot more need to make a stand then just the bystanders. Parents, teachers, princibles and students need to end this. There needs to be punishment and more. A lot of kids take their life because of other kids hurting and bullying them constantly. But the problem is, some of them still won’t make a strong enough stand. Teachers shrug it off, like it was nothing, and if they do try and do something, the kids don’t take it seriously and don’t listen.

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Blogging Challenge #5


Blogging Challenge #5

A Secret hidden in the Forest

They say there is a secret hidden in this forest, but what secret? Unicorns? Fairies? Witches  No, none of those things. Spirits. Not magical spirits. Spirits of the animals in the past that had once lived and belonged there. They say you can only see them if you enter at a certain time at day & night. They do not harm you, if they see you, they can feel and tell what your mood is. If you are angry, disrupting or disturbing they will disappear. You can feel when they are around. You get a sudden calm & happy feeling. The spirits need to stay in their home. You can’t hurt their home. When you leave the forest, you leave happy and believe in spirits & know things are not always what they seem. 

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Challenge #4



Challenge #4

I thought this picture looked very old fashioned, which makes me like it

Front End

Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Lawrence Whittemore via Compfight

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Blogging challenge #3


Challenge #3

10 things to do with a Single Sock

1. Make a sock puppet/monkey

2. Make coffee cup sleeves

3. Make a dog chew toy by putting an empty water bottle in the sock. (dogs love the sound)

4. Make a great fun fetching toy, by putting a tennis ball in the sock and throwing it using the sock (it will go very far dogs love to chase them)

5. Great tug of war toy for you and your dog

6. Wear them on your feet

7. Emergency mittens

8. Backup weapon (putting a rock in them)

9. make a headband by tying it around your head

10. Homemade hacky sack using the sock

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Should More be Done to Protect Endangered Animals & Species?


Challenge #2

You’re in a city, walking around town like any other day,and you don’t come across a single person. Have they all died? From all the world has come to and now this? Where have they gone? Friends, family, just disappearing? Is the quote ‘If I was the last person in the world” Funny anymore? This is called extinction. Thousands of species are threatened. Animals you would never know are endangered, along with thousands more. Animals like the polar bear, tigers, birds of all kinds, pandas, monkeys, elephants, and even butterflies are dealing with losing of their own kind. These things are important and shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Many endangered animals are dying because they can’t deal without having their habitats like forests that provide food and shelter. Why does this happen, is there a reason? These things are happening because industries and businesses cut down the forest for making resources and wood for building, but they are taking away their natural habitats. Also littering, and oil spills in the ocean, global warming,taking animals out of their habitats for zoos or to make them pets also cause extinction. This is killing the animals and is not acceptable. Animals have a right to be here just as much as we do.

When an animal dies, it ruins our ecosystem. How? Let’s say bees became extinct, nothing would collect the pollen. It would get over produced, making it bad for the air and make people sick. Along with tigers, if tigers were gone, they wouldn’t be hunting antelope and other animals no longer, which they would end up over populating. The world needs animals for reasons like this.

People disagree with animals becoming extinct because they think animals go extinct for a reason, but fortunately that’s not the case at all. They’re dying because we are killing them. That just shows you, if we don’t take action now, they might not be here one day. They have a right to be here. More should be done to protect them. If it seems so easy to take their life then it should be easy to save it.


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Blogging Challenge #1


Challenge 1

The 10 people I want to meet

10; Hunter Hayes. What makes you love being country?

9; Barack Obama. What feeling did you feel about being the first black president?

8; Si (Duck Dynasty); Is being a red neck the way to live?

7; Aunt Alice. What would be one word that you would describe grandpa?

6; Luke Bryan. What message do you put in your songs?

5; Ceaser Millan; Do you have to have a special connection between you and the dog, to make it over come its behavior?

4; Ellen. How do you feel when you get to talk  to celebrities?

3; Bob Marley. What song do you feel inspired most by? Or song that relates to you most?

2; Walt Disney. What is your favourite Disney movie?

1; Will Smith. Do you think you were born funny?

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Dogs are like a mans best friend they say, that will never leave your side no matter what. If you give your dog respect, he will give it back to you. There are many dog breeds. Big and small. I prefer the large breed. When having a dog, it takes a lot of responsibility. You have to spend a lot of time with your dog, I call it bonding. It is a way of gaining your dogs trust which can be really important since they are going to be a new room mate or family member. Paying for its food, vet bills, and toys can cost a lot. Some dogs, are meant for being lap dogs, working dogs (police kanine,or husky sledding) , and guard dogs. Playing with your dog can be fun for both of you. Dogs love to play fetch and to chase. Dogs are known to change peoples lives that suffer from diseases or disorders. They are called guide dogs. They are trained to know how to deal with people with these diseases. My favourite breed of dogs are the German Shepard, Husky, the boxer, Rotweiler, bull mastive, and the Bernese mountain dog. Dogs are amazing to me.    

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Mary Spencer


Mary Spencer visited our class on Friday. She is a world champion boxer. She attends the Olympics and other matches around the world. She trains up to five times a week, a couple times a day. That’s amazing! Mary told us that she was young like us and had a dream to become a boxer, and even a champion. Which made me realize that anything is possible, if you put effort into it. 

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